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12 jazz violin duos Tamás Ittzés: 12 Jazz Violin Duos

These duos are best for classically trained violinists who are interested in jazz. Most of the pieces use 1, 2 and 4-bar licks that can be mastered and then used as a fundament for improvisation later on. The series contain pieces in more styles, i.e. Cake-Walk, Ragtime, Tango, Blues, Swing. Suggested fingering and bowing is indicated in the printed music, but since precise notation of swinging phrasing is impossible, all 12 pieces are recorded and fully available on YouTube for reference as a starting point. Very useful stuff for both teachers and advanced students. But these are not excercises or etudes in the first place, you better play them at concerts, too, the audience will love them!
"Tamás' collection of Duets is a nice addition to the violin literature - playable but also educative with a lot of Ragtime influences and some tricky double stops. Fun guaranteed." (Tim Kliphuis jazz violinist and educator, Holland)
"A marvellous set of pieces for aspiring jazz violinists. Like Kreutzer studies, these pieces will give your hands a work out, and you will be able to explore many aspects of the violin." (George Washingmachine jazz violinist, Australia)
Price: 32 EUR (about 37 USD), including shipping
Digital copy is also available for 25 EUR (about 29 USD).

printed or digital

printed or digital
Recording of all 12 duos:
16 lightsome pieces Tamás Ittzés: 16 lightsome pieces for trumpet or alto saxophone

Great series containing short and enjoyable character pieces for beginners and intermediate players. Most of the pieces written in ragtime and related styles, including some blues and boogie-woogie, too.
Price: 6300 HUF, including shipping
(about 18 EUR).


Recording of the first performance of all 16 pieces with trumpet:
smoke carver Tamás Ittzés: Smoke Carver (Füstfaragó) Rag

Great novelty rag for piano, has been recorded by Mimi Blais, too.
Price: 999 HUF, no shipping, will be sent by email
(about 3.5 EUR/4.5 USD/4 CHF/3 GBP).

sedalia Tamás Ittzés: Sedalia Rag

1st prize winner of the 2001 Int. Scott Joplin Ragtime Composition Contest.
Price: 999 HUF, no shipping, will be sent by email
(about 3.5 EUR/4.5 USD/4 CHF/3 GBP).

midnight Tamás Ittzés: Midnight Rag

Great novelty tune but almost impossibly difficult to play.
Price: 999 HUF, no shipping, will be sent by email
(about 3.5 EUR/4.5 USD/4 CHF/3 GBP).


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JAZZ CAPITAL, Aug 5-8, 2021

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I must confess you, your band is the best oldtime jazzband, which I've ever heard in my life. You do a real music with heart. Each of you had me deep impressed.
(Dai Kimoto, CH, 2010)

The music the Bohém played in Davos was excellent. Tineke and I found the last evening in Steigenberg the best performance.
(Willem Peul, NL, 2010)

I want to tell you that I appreciated very much your band which is a perfect balance of traditional jazz, entertainment and music from your country with plenty of humour. And this combination by excellent musicians.
(Michel Bastide, F, 2010)

A tight-knit, disciplined, and intensely swinging ensemble. [...] The arrangements by Ittzés are both stylistically true and brilliantly inventive.
(CBMR Digest, Chicago, USA)

Temperament, Komik und Show zogen sich als verträgliche Einheit wie ein roter Faden durch den spektakulären Auftritt.
(Die Union, Deutschland)

Die Ungarn zeigten eine unbändige Spielfreunde, gepaart mit viel Humor und zurückhaltenden Show-Einlagen.
(Harz Kurier, Deutschland)

Mit ihrem temperamentvollen, mitreissenden Ragtime spielte sich die ungarische Bohém Ragtime Jazzband in die Herzen der Zuhörer und hinterliess einen glänzenden Eindruck. [...] Sie sind eine perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Band, in der jeder sein Instrument virtuos beherrscht. Und das zeigte sich nicht nur imgemeinsamen harmonischen Zusammenspiel, sondern auch in den zahlreichen wunderschönen Soli.
(Kölner Rundschau, Deutschland)
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